Graphical display fo BLAT results.

Tancred Frickey and Georg Weiller
RSBS, Australian National University
2601 Canberra, Australia



I was trying to map EST data & predicted coding sequences on to a genome and was looking for sth. easy to use, with point and click interface that would graphically display BLAT [1] results and enable me to view the alignments. Once again I could not find any program that would let me do things the way I wanted to do them... so I wrote a little utility that would give me that freedom.

Here is what I came up with. The program has grown quite a bit since the beginning, so it has become less easy/intuitive to use, but MUCH more powerful.

Feature requests are welcome.


To run BLATview you need to have Java 1.5 or better installed (java can be downloaded HERE). Input files should be either fasta format sequence files, or BLAT result files (*.psl format).


Kent W.J. (2002) BLAT - the BLAST-like alignment tool. Genome Res. 12(4):656-64.

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