1st Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Developmental Biology
and the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory (FML) Postdoc Symposium

Date: 07.11.2019, 9:00 am – 17:00 pm

Topic of the symposium: “How Nature came to be: from molecules to organisms”

Where: Max-Planck-Haus, Max-Planck-Ring 6, 72076 Tübingen

Open to postdocs and late-stage PhD students from the MPI campus and the University of Tübingen

PostDocs wake up and connect!

Binding registration by September 30th


Mixture of talks and interactive sessions.

Three invited speakers:

  • Rute Fonseca - Associate Professor
    University of Copenhagen, Denmark;
    Title: Comparative genomics provides insights into the evolution of hemostasis in vertebrates
  • Angela Hay - Minerva Research Group Leader
    Max-Planck Institute for Plant Breeding, Cologne;
    Title: Exploding seed pods
  • Edgardo Sepúlveda - MPI Tübingen alumni
    Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education, Mexiko City;
    Title: From the Neckartal to the Valle de Guadalupe: A story about the establishment of the first Max Planck Partner Group in México

Four slots for selected talks: abstract submission by September 8th

Interactive sessions: scientific speed dating, workshops (Road to PI, Intercultural/cross-lab encounters, females in science, From research into own business) and a panel discussion

Binding registration by September 30th



MPI FML/EBIO postdocs Daniel Capek, Carolin Kolmeder, Joana Pereira, Michael Werner and MPI EBIO postdoc coordinator Elisabeth Weir