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Group Pictures

Group Picture Summer 2011

Summer 2015: Bruce, Kaspar, Saky, Sooruban, Bobby, Mehdi, Jesus, Birte, and Andre

Group Picture Winter 2010

Summer 2014: Birte, Bruce, Sooruban, Ezgi, Saky, Kaspar, Sara, and Andre

Group Picture Summer 2010

Summer 2013: Bobby, Uli, Simon, Kaspar, Sooruban, Nils, Birte, Bruce, Andre, Robert, front: Saky, Jose, and Dominik

Group Picture Summer 2009

Summer 2012: Rudo, Kaspar, Susi, Sooruban, Jose, Andre, Chris, Nils, and Birte

Summer 2011: Jorge, Chris, Jose, Simone, Birte, Shirlee, Andre, Saky, Sooruban, Uli, and Justin

Winter 2010: Jose, Birte, Xueqin, Sooruban, Simone, Andre, Saky, Chris, Uli, and Jorge

Summer 2010: Sooruban, Jose, Saky, Bettina, Anja, Shailendra, Simone, Birte, Chris, and Kaspar

Summer 2009: Bettina, Chris, Will, Simone, Christian, Jose, Sooruban, Birte, and Kaspar

Summer 2008: Jose, Pablo, Birte, Christian, Chris, Bettina, Sooruban, and Simone

Summer 2007: Chris, Sooruban, Abhinav, Birte, Bettina, and Simone

Winter 2006: Birte, Simone, Chris, and Tanmay