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Bioinformatics Practical for Biochemists (WS 17)

March 20-24, 2017
An introduction to bioinformatics tools used in sequence & structure analysis
This practical is the addition to the module "Bioinformatik für Lebenswissenschaftler"
(Modulkennziffer BIOINF 1910)
Prof. Dr. Andrei Lupas

01. DNA & Genomics

Lecture (DNA & Genomics)
Tutorial (Notebook & DNA Analysis)
Tutorial (Gene Prediction)

02. Introduction to Proteins

Lecture (Structure, Function, and Evolution)
Tutorial (Homology, Information Gathering & Protein Domain Annotation)
Tutorial (MPI Toolkit & Remote Homology Detection)

03. Annotation of Sequence Features

Lecture (Of Sequences and Structures)
Tutorial (Sequence Features)
Tutorial (Repeats)

04. Protein Classification

Lecture (Protein Classification: phylogeny and clustering)
Tutorial/Tasks (Clustering)
Tutorial (Protein Structure Visualization)

05. Evolution & Design – Test Excerises

Lecture (Proteins: Evolution & Design)
Test Problems