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Employees of the Department Microbiome Science


+49 7071 601


Henseler, Zachariah Ley PhD Student 364
Walters, William Ley Postdoctoral Fellow 364
Schmidt, Victor Ley Postdoctoral Fellow 455
Schach, Ursula Ley Research Technician 454
Heaver, Stacey Ley PhD Student 364
Atan, Selma Ley Research Technician 454
Di Rienzi, Sara Ley Guest Scientist
Ley, Ruth Ley Director 450
Shi, Qiaojuan Ley Guest Scientist
Youngblut, Nicholas Ley Project Leader 401
Vernali, Katharina Ley Cleaning Staff 373
Klein, Karin Ley Administrative Assistant 449
Goodrich, Julia Ley Guest Scientist
Waters, Jillian Ley Project Leader 364
Sutter, Jessica Ley PhD Student 455
Moreno, Jaime Leonardo Ley Guest Scientist 364
de la Cuesta, Jacobo Ley PhD Student 401
Holdermann, Iris Ley 364
Enav, Hagay Ley Postdoctoral Fellow
Luque, Guillermo Ley PhD Student 401
Johnson, Elizabeth Ley Guest Scientist
Welter, Daphne Ley PhD Student 455
Friedemann, Claudia Ley PhD Student
Frick, Claudia Ley Postdoctoral Fellow 401
Kolmeder, Carolin Ley Postdoctoral Fellow 364
Iliopoulou, Athina Ley Cleaning
Poole, Angela Ley Guest Scientist
Ruaud, Albane Ley PhD Student