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The Tübingen Zebrafish stock collection

Stock fish

  • TUE screen 1 mutants (1996)
  • wildtype lines (TUE, WIK)
  • transgenic zebrafish lines (Enhancer Trap lines and others)
Embryos are available on request, please contact Dr. Hans-Georg Frohnhöfer. An MTA has to be signed prior to shipping.

Zebrafish sperm

  • TUE screen 1 (1996)
  • TUE screen 2 (2000) 
  • TUE screen 3 mutants (zf-models screen 2004 - 2006)
  • Tilling library (~7000 samples)
In vitro fertilisations with frozen sperm can be done:
  • TUE screen 1 mutants, please contact Dr. Hans-Georg Frohnhöfer.
  • TUE screen 2 mutants, please contact Dr. Brigitte Walderich.
  • TUE screen 3 mutants, please check at the zfin page and contact the owner of the mutant.
  • Tilling library, please contact Dr. Brigitte Walderich: 96 well DNA plates are ready to be screened, IVFs can be done accordingly.


Hans-Georg Frohnhöfer: Hans-Georg.Frohnhöfer[at]
Brigitte Walderich: Brigitte.Walderich[at]