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Praveen Bawankar

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow
Unit: Izaurralde
Phone: +49 7071 601 1360
Picture of Bawankar, Praveen

  • 2010 PhD in biological sciences at department of Biological Sciences and Bioengeneering, Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai, India
  • since 2010 Postdoctoral fellow at the MPI for Developmental Biology, Dept of Biochemistry, Tübingen, Germany

Chen Y, Boland A, Kuzuoglu-Ozturk D, Bawankar P, Loh B, Chang CT, Weichenrieder O & Izaurralde E (2014) A DDX6-CNOT1 Complex and W-Binding Pockets in CNOT9 Reveal Direct Links between miRNA Target Recognition and Silencing. Mol Cell 54, 737-50. PubMed


Bawankar P, Loh B, Wohlbold L, Schmidt S & Izaurralde E (2013) NOT10 and C2orf29/NOT11 form a conserved module of the CCR4-NOT complex that docks onto the NOT1 N-terminal domain. RNA Biol 10, 228-244. PubMed

Petit AP, Wohlbold L, Bawankar P, Huntzinger E, Schmidt S, Izaurralde E & Weichenrieder O (2012) The structural basis for the interaction between the CAF1 nuclease and the NOT1 scaffold of the human CCR4-NOT deadenylase complex. Nucleic Acids Res 40, 11058-72. PubMed

Bawankar, P., Shaw, P.J., Sardana, R., Babar, P. H., and Patankar, S. (2009) 5' and 3' end modifications of spliceosomal RNAs in Plasmodium falciparum. Mol Biol Rep 2010 Apr 37(4):2125-33  Pubmed

Upadhyay, R., Bawankar, P., Malhotra, D., and Patankar, S. (2005) A screen for conserved sequences with biased base composition identifies noncoding RNAs in th A-T rich genome of Plasmodium falciparum. Mol Biochem Parasitol 144:149-158 Pubmed