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Chung-Te Chang

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow
Unit: Izaurralde
Address: Spemannstr. 35
72076 Tübingen
Phone: +49 7071 601 1361
Picture of Chang, Chung-Te

  • 2012 PhD in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Sheffield, UK
  • since 2012 Postdoctoral Fellow at the MPI for Developmental Biology, Dept of Biochemistry, Tübingen, Germany

Valkov E, Muthukumar S, Chang CT, Jonas S, Weichenrieder O & Izaurralde E (2016) Structure of the Dcp2-Dcp1 mRNA-decapping complex in the activated conformation. Nat Struct Mol Biol 23, 574-9. PubMed


Chang CT, Bercovich N, Loh B, Jonas S & Izaurralde E (2014) The activation of the decapping enzyme DCP2 by DCP1 occurs on the EDC4 scaffold and involves a conserved loop in DCP1. Nucleic Acids Res 42, 5217-33. PubMed


Chen Y, Boland A, Kuzuoglu-Ozturk D, Bawankar P, Loh B, Chang CT, Weichenrieder O & Izaurralde E (2014) A DDX6-CNOT1 Complex and W-Binding Pockets in CNOT9 Reveal Direct Links between miRNA Target Recognition and Silencing. Mol Cell 54, 737-50. PubMed


Chang CT, Hautbergue GM, Walsh MJ, Viphakone N, van Dijk TB, Philipsen S & Wilson SA (2013) Chtop is a component of the dynamic TREX mRNA export complex. EMBO J 32, 473-86. PubMed


Viphakone N, Hautbergue GM, Walsh M, Chang CT, Holland A, Folco EG, Reed R & Wilson SA (2012) TREX exposes the RNA-binding domain of Nxf1 to enable mRNA export. Nat Commun 3, 1006. PubMed


Braun JE, Truffault V, Boland A, Huntzinger E, Chang CT, Haas G, Weichenrieder O, Coles M & Izaurralde E (2012) A direct interaction between DCP1 and XRN1 couples mRNA decapping to 5' exonucleolytic degradation. Nat Struct Mol Biol 19, 1324-31. PubMed

Cruz-Migoni A, Hautbergue GM, Artymiuk PJ, Baker PJ, Bokori-Brown M, Chang CT, Dickman MJ, Essex-Lopresti A, Harding SV, Mahadi NM, et al. (2011) A Burkholderia pseudomallei toxin inhibits helicase activity of translation factor eIF4A. Science 334, 821-4. PubMed

Hautbergue GM, Hung ML, Walsh MJ, Snijders AP, Chang CT, Jones R, Ponting CP, Dickman MJ & Wilson SA (2009) UIF, a New mRNA export adaptor that works together with REF/ALY, requires FACT for recruitment to mRNA. Curr Biol 19, 1918-24. PubMed

Su MC, Chang CT, Chu CH, Tsai CH & Chang KY (2005) An atypical RNA pseudoknot stimulator and an upstream attenuation signal for -1 ribosomal frameshifting of SARS coronavirus. Nucleic Acids Res 33, 4265-75. PubMed