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Catia Igreja

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow
Unit: Izaurralde
Phone: +49 7071 601 1360
Picture of Igreja, Catia

  • 2007 PhD in Cell Biology, Portuguese Institute of Oncology Lisbon/ University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • since 2007 Postdoctoral fellow at the MPI for Developmental Biology, Dept of Biochemistry, Tübingen, Germany

Gruner S, Peter D, Weber R, Wohlbold L, Chung MY, Weichenrieder O, Valkov E, Igreja C & Izaurralde E (2016) The Structures of eIF4E-eIF4G Complexes Reveal an Extended Interface to Regulate Translation Initiation. Mol Cell 64, 467-479. PubMed


Peter D, Weber R, Kone C, Chung MY, Ebertsch L, Truffault V, Weichenrieder O, Igreja C & Izaurralde E (2015) Mextli proteins use both canonical bipartite and novel tripartite binding modes to form eIF4E complexes that display differential sensitivity to 4E-BP regulation. Genes Dev 29, 1835-49. PubMed


Peter D, Igreja C, Weber R, Wohlbold L, Weiler C, Ebertsch L, Weichenrieder O & Izaurralde E (2015) Molecular Architecture of 4E-BP Translational Inhibitors Bound to eIF4E. Mol Cell 57, 1074-87. PubMed


Igreja C, Peter D, Weiler C & Izaurralde E (2014) 4E-BPs require non-canonical 4E-binding motifs and a lateral surface of eIF4E to repress translation. Nat Commun 5, 4790. PubMed


Igreja C & Izaurralde E (2011) CUP promotes deadenylation and inhibits decapping of mRNA targets. Genes Dev 25, 1955-67. PubMed

Real C, Remedio L, Caiado F, Igreja C, Borges C, Trindade A, Pinto-do OP, Yagita H, Duarte A & Dias S (2011) Bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitors expressing Delta-like 4 (Dll4) regulate tumor angiogenesis. PLoS One 6, e18323. PubMed

Haas G, Braun JE, Igreja C, Tritschler F, Nishihara T & Izaurralde E (2010) HPat provides a link between deadenylation and decapping in metazoa. J Cell Biol 189, 289-302. PubMed

Braun JE, Tritschler F, Haas G, Igreja C, Truffault V, Weichenrieder O & Izaurralde E (2010) The C-terminal alpha-alpha superhelix of Pat is required for mRNA decapping in metazoa. EMBO J 29, 2368-80. PubMed

Cachaco AS, Carvalho T, Santos AC, Igreja C, Fragoso R, Osorio C, Ferreira M, Serpa J, Correia S, Pinto-do OP, et al. (2010) TNF-alpha regulates the effects of irradiation in the mouse bone marrow microenvironment. PLoS One 5, e8980. PubMed

Tritschler F, Braun JE, Motz C, Igreja C, Haas G, Truffault V, Izaurralde E & Weichenrieder O (2009) DCP1 forms asymmetric trimers to assemble into active mRNA decapping complexes in metazoa. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106, 21591-96. PubMed

Fragoso R, Igreja C, Clode N, Henriques A, Appleton C, Zhu Z, Wu Y & Dias S (2008) VEGF signaling on hematopoietic precursors restricts B-lymphoid commitment in vitro and in vivo. Exp Hematol 36, 1329-1336. PubMed

Igreja C, Fragoso R, Caiado F, Clode N, Henriques A, Camargo L, Reis EM & Dias S (2008) Detailed molecular characterization of cord blood-derived endothelial progenitors. Exp Hematol 36, 193-203. PubMed

Igreja C, Courinha M, Cachaco AS, Pereira T, Cabecadas J, da Silva MG & Dias S (2007) Characterization and clinical relevance of circulating and biopsy-derived endothelial progenitor cells in lymphoma patients. Haematologica 92, 469-77. PubMed