Equipment List

Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)
120kV Tecnai G2 Sprit BioTWIN with a Gatan USC4000 CCD-camera,
+/-70° tomography holder and Gatan cryo-holder

100kV Philips CM10 with plate camera

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
Hitachi S800 with computer control system from Point Electronic

Sample Preparation
High Pressure Freezer, Bal-Tec HPM010 for the cryo fixation of biological samples
Freeze Substitution, Leica AFM2 for the dehydration and embedding of cryo-fixed samples
Balzers BAF 300 for freeze fracture and metal shadowing of samples
Bal-Tec MED010 sputter coater for SEM sample preparation
Polaron E3100 critical point dryer for the gentle dehydration of SEM samples
RMC QG-3000EC automated grid stainer

Sample Sectioning

Leica Ultracut UCT
Reichert Ultracut S with Reichert FC S cryo-box for cryo-sectioning
Reichert Ultracut E