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Elisa Izaurralde (1959 – 2018)

Funeral arrangements

The funeral for Elisa will be held on

June 22, Friday, 15:00 at the FriedWald Schönbuch.

The burial site is within woodland and appropriate footwear is advisable.

I intend to come to the funeral (for us to get an approximate count):

Funeral attendance


Because the funeral is in the forest no flowers or wreaths are permitted - instead: donations to a women educational fund are welcome. Scientific education was what Elisa strove for in her own life and what she supported for others.

Women educational fund

How to get to the parking lot

By Car:

Crossing: Panoramastraße - Entringer Straße, follow the Entringen Straße, always straight ahead (2.3 km from the destination - signs Friedwald, Hohenentringer Schloß follow on the Entringer Straße)


Coordinates | Route - please follow steps 1 - 4 | attention step 4

1) Border of Tübingen City:
Geolocation: +48.544340, +9.042718
Google Maps (opens in a new tab)

2) Entringer Straße :
Geolocation: +48.546603, +9.012102
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3) In sight of the Schloß Hohenentringen (Castle of Hohenentringen):
Geolocation: +48.553205, +8.992053
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4) Parkplatz am Schloß Hohenentringen (Parking lot Castle of Hohenentringen):
Geolocation: +48.553224, +8.987731 (Do not drive to the target coordinates directly !! The access street is new and your navigation system will mislead you. You might not reach your destination.)
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Detailed description for the forest:

Walking path to Elisa's tree
Elisa's tree (337)